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7 - Forming Good Habits

Today I talk about forming good habits. There are plenty of things that we know are good for us that we should be doing, but we don't. Willpower alone is not good enough, we need to form habits around good behaviour to guarantee that they get accomplished. There are easy, straightforward strategies that we can utilize to increase the likelihood of forming these habits.

Today, I'm going to talk about forming good habits.

Many of us have things that we want to accomplish or change in our everyday lives. There are plenty of things that we SHOULD be doing, such as working out, eating healthy, or producing content online. We know that these things will be beneficial, but often don't have the willpower to do by ourselves.

In order to change our behaviour in the long term, it is crucial that we form good habits and not solely rely on our willpower to live healthy and productive lives.

Here are some tips that I've learned to start forming good habits today.

  1. Start now in any way possible
    • We often get too caught up in immediately trying to optimize things that we haven't even started doing. Going to the gym and doing any excercise is way better than perfecting a workout routine at home
  2. Start with reasonably sized goals
    • Do things that are easily accomplishable and scale out from there. Starting to ambitiously only opens us up to dissapointment, and discourages us from further action.
  3. Design Your Environment
    • if you're on a diet, don't have chips in the house. Optimize your environment to make sure that everything in your life is helping you commit to the good habits your are forming.
  4. Have Others Hold You Accountable
    • We often are willing to do things for other people that we aren't willing to do for ourselves. Asking people to hold us accountable reframes how we feel about tasks we might not be inclined to do on our own.