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13 - The Right Time To Start a Business

Today I talk about the right time to start a business. Short answer, the only right time is when you have the resources and when you're willing to make the sacrifice. Everything else is an excuse that is only stopping you from getting started.


12 - When To Quit

Today I talk about when to give up. There's a large emphasis on persisting through challenges in our society, but there's times where it's best to just give up and move on. There's a couple of key things to consider when making this decision, and I share a few of them in today's episode.


11 - Kindness Beats Cruelty Online

Today I talk about how kindness in the long term is stronger than cruelty online. While the 'performative cruelty' of online discourse provides entertaining content, it's ultimately substancesless and its toxicity will corrode the community utilizing it. The foundation of online communities must be rooted in kindness to be sustainable and to form constructive change.


10 - How To Stop Thinking and Start Doing

Today I talk about how to stop thinking and start doing. There is a chasm in our minds between thinking about what we want to do, and actually doing it. That chasm is our egos protecting the image we've created of ourselves. Only by overcoming our egos will we be able to act freely, and accept the imperfections in our work and in ourselves.


9 - There is No Silver Bullet

Today I talk about silver bullet thinking, and how to overcome it. Silver bullet thinking is the idea that by overcoming one single issue, it will solve every other problem in your life. In reality, we should be attempting to incrementally fix hundreds of small issues to see real change in our everyday lives.


8 - Giving Great Constructive Criticism

Today I talk about giving great constructive criticism. While many of use are seeking self-improvement, a reality we must face is that we are not able to recognize our own flaws. This means that we are reliant on others to assess where we fall short. The critiques we give others is imperative in the improvement of their lives, and we have a responsibility to deliver the greatest value we can possible.


7 - Forming Good Habits

Today I talk about forming good habits. There are plenty of things that we know are good for us that we should be doing, but we don't. Willpower alone is not good enough, we need to form habits around good behaviour to guarantee that they get accomplished. There are easy, straightforward strategies that we can utilize to increase the likelihood of forming these habits.


6 - What I Learned Running an Illegal Airbnb

Today I talk about running an illegal Airbnb. There are many lessons that I learned in management, entrepreneurship, and living life just a little bit on the edge.


5 - Having Difficult Conversations

I talk about having difficult conversations. Difficult conversations are a necessity in everyday life. We can do them poorly, or we can do them well. Today, I share some tips about doing them well.


4 - Being a Digital Nomad

I talk about my experience being a digital nomad in Asia. The freedom and flexibility of being a digital nomad is tremendous, the cultural experience and perspective is great, and you get to meet some amazing people along the way. However, this is offset by the loneliness and rootlessness that comes from constantly traveling. It's an experience I would recommend everyone to try if they have the chance to do so.


3 - When You Should Leave Your Job

I talk about when you should leave your job. I go through what sort of questions you should be asking yourself if you're not entirely satisfied with your current position. I also share my personal criteria I have when making career decisions about my current employment.


2 - The Internet is Real Life

I share my ideas about people's seperation of the internet and the events that take place there from 'reality' and the physical world. These distinctions are arbitrary and don't deliver anything valuable, in fact they actively harm your ability to understand what's taking place in the world and the way that the internet is shaping it.


1 - Why You Should Create Content

In the first episode of The Peterkins Podcast, I talk about my motivations for creating this podcast, why people should create online content, and how I've managed to overcome some of my fears and anxieties around posting more often.