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Let's Make a Discord Bot with Dark

The explosion of tooling in hosting software has created a crisis in deploying backend applications. Not only do you have to be knowledgeable of today's current app frameworks and architecture, you also need sysadmin skills to boot. By necessity developers have needed to learn these skills, and this complexity provides a steep learning curve for new developers.


Building a Web QR Scanner with Snowpack and WebAssembly

With the capabilities of the modern web, there are a bunch of applications that can be built that were traditionally only possible within native apps. Today, we're going to build a basic QR Scanning app using novel web standards and practices, including ES Modules and WebAssembly.


Domain Specific Architectures, Bitcoin, and the Future of Computing

People are quick to criticise that Bitcoin mining is taking up an immense amount of power globally (30 TW/hr). I don't know anyone who would say that this is ideal, however the Bitcoin network is highlighting an important change to how industrial compute is evolving generally in regards to energy consumption.


How To Be A Blockchain Dev In 2018

I'm positive that you've been exposed to the hype the last couple of months; it's practically unavoidable. Crypto, blockchain, decentralization, tokenization, smart contracts, distributed ledgers...